The health care industry is in a constant state of change. We feel that networking with our peers helps individually and as a group to be more proactive as we meet the constant challenges before us.


Active members with voting rights must have at least one physician who practices Hematology or Oncology. Associate members are additional staff members from offices with one Active member, Associate members do not have voting rights.

Allied and Corporate members are any interested party, such as professional and pharmaceutical representatives, Allied members have no voting rights.


Membership Categories:

Active Members

Individuals that are employed by an oncology hematology practice. (Administrator, Oncologist or President is the Active member)

Application for Active Membership (PDF)
Online Application

Annual Membership Fee: $150


Associate Members

Individuals that are employed by an oncology hematology practice and are represented by at least one Active member. (Example: Administrator is the Active member then the billing manager, nurse, and/or purchasing manager would be the Associate members)

Application for Associate Membership (PDF)
Online Application

Annual Membership Fee: $35


Affiliate Members

Individuals qualified for Active Membership yet may incur hardship complying with Active Members Attendance Requirement because they are not in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Affiliate members, are exempt from the Active Member Attendance Requirement.

Annual Membership Fee:  $500
Application for Affiliate Membership


Corporate/Allied Sponsors:

Corporate and Allied sponsors are parties not in an oncology practice but are interested in promoting the improvement of business conditions among POHMS' practices.  

Diamond Level ($12,000/year)
Gold Level ($9,500/year)
Silver Level ($5,000/year)
Bronze Level ($1,500/year)

Corporate Sponsor Information 2018
Corporate Sponsor Application 2018