ACRP Vision:
Excellent Career Development Resources for All!

ACRP Mission:
The Alliance of Career Resource Professionals (ACRP) promotes the development, delivery, exchange, and use of career resources by professionals and consumers worldwide. ACRP does this by providing standards, professional development, career resources, and member networking opportunities. 

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Social Media Revolution 2015


Erik Qualman's annual compilation of how social media are growing exponentially and transforming how we work and play.

Joshua Waldman to Present ACRP Webinar 

Social Media Job Search: From Chaos to Certainty

If you're a career professional struggling to figure out how to direct your clients when it comes to social media, you'll want to attend this session.

Congratulations to our 2015 Career Development Research Award Winners!

News Release! 2015 Career Development Research Award Winners and Discounted Membership Fees Announced.

ACRP Recognition Committee Awards 2015

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February 11, 2016

ACRP Professional Development Webinar

Social Media Job Search: From Chaos to Certainty


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ACRP’s activities include:



    Establishing, maintaining, and advancing industry standards that define quality in the development, delivery, and utilization of career information and related career resources.


    Increasing and disseminating a base of knowledge regarding the application of career resources used in the career development process.


    Providing in-service training, technical assistance, and other opportunities to advance professionals in the field.


    Advocating for the importance of using high-quality career resources and related services in career development programs operating in education and workforce settings.


    Participating in public- and private-sponsored initiatives to improve the use and understanding of career information and related career resources.

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