Award Nominations

The ACRP Awards Program is one of the many benefits of ACRP membership. The Awards Committee encourages you to take this opportunity to recognize individuals for outstanding contributions to the field of career information. Awards are announced annually.

As a member in good standing, you may nominate one recipient for each of the following categories. (You do not have to nominate someone for every category.)

For each award in categories 1, 2, and 3, one winner will be selected by a vote of the Board. For category 4, only one winner per organization will be selected.

1.  Dr. LeeAnn Roth Distinguished Service Award
LeeAnn was a longtime leader in the career development and career information field. The exemplary leadership she exhibited on behalf of career information and career resources in her state, at the University of Nebraska, and at the Nebraska Department of Education and nationwide prompted us to name this award after her.

2.  Fellow Award
For long-term contributions to the career information industry. (Only ACRP members in good standing are eligible.)

3.  Outstanding Support Award
For outstanding work in a supporting role.

Submit your nominations here.

ACRP $5,000 Graduate Student Career Development Research Award

Individuals currently registered as full-time graduate students involved in career development research/studies are eligible recipients of this award. All candidates must meet these criteria and be ACRP members by the application deadline (August 31). 

Research award will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • The proposed research contributes to the scholarly enrichment of the ACRP community and advances the mission of ACRP, which is to promote the development, delivery, exchange, and use of career resources by professionals and consumers worldwide
  • Accomplishments and innovations that exhibit the quality of the candidate for the award

For more information on how applications will be scored, please see the Scoring Rubric.

Application Requirements
Applications for this award must include the items below (incomplete applications will not be considered):

1.  Applicant contact and membership documentation (all candidates must be ACRP individual or institutional members to be considered)

2. Letter of Introduction including the following:

  A. A brief overview of the applicant (i.e., resume or short biography/background information)

  B. A brief summary of the candidate's qualifications for this award—note contributions to the career development community (can include activities within institutions, communities, or ACRP and other organizations)

  C. Accomplishments/innovations that exhibit the quality of the candidate (Note: letter of introduction should not exceed 750 words in length)

3. Research proposal: including timeline, publication plan, subject specifics, and procedure proposed. (Should not exceed 1000 words in length).

4. Work plan showing timeline and budget (can include travel to a conference and conference registration to present on the grant-supported research).

5. List of supporting materials, including reference citations (no limit on length of supporting materials or reference citations).

6. Letters of support: Each applicant is required to submit two letters of support recommending the candidate as the lead for this project. One letter must include evidence of support to advise, mentor or supervise the applicant during this research undertaking. Letters may be from: professors, supervisors, employers or other career development leaders.

7. Interview (to be scheduled and completed after submission of application): Candidates must agree to undergo a five-question interview via Zoom.

Evaluation Criteria

Each proposal will be evaluated and ranked based upon:

1. Relative importance of proposed project. The results of the proposed project must hold potential application for directly or indirectly enhancing our understanding of career resources and their role in career development.

2. Project design, e.g., testability of hypothesis, nature and level of analysis/survey.

3. Likelihood of success within the proposed timeline and budget.

Candidates should submit their application materials electronically to by August 31, 2021. Applicants will receive an email confirmation within 3-5 business days. Winner will be selected no later than November 1, 2021 by the ACRP Awards Committee, approved by the ACRP Board of Directors, and acknowledged at the ACRP Annual Meeting.


Selected applicant(s) must agree to:

  1. Permit ACRP to use and edit content of the application for promotional activities,
  2. Pursue national publication of their completed research,
  3. Allow ACRP to co-publish, at a minimum, the research abstract and a photograph on the ACRP web page.
  4. Accept payment in the following format:
  5. Upon acceptance by ACRP of the study design - $1K                     
  6. Upon completion of the data collection - $1K
  7. Upon submission of preliminary findings and analysis - $1K
  8. Upon submission of final paper - $2K

In addition, a photo/headshot of the selected candidate will be requested for future publicity. It needs to be digital, high resolution (at least 300dpi), and submitted in .jpg format. Files 2MB or larger are preferred. (Photographs will be used for publicity purposes only.)

Note: ACRP will award funds provided that the ACRP Board of Directors determines that at least one proposal satisfies its award criteria. If no acceptable proposals are received, ACRP will re-issue the call for proposals in 2022.