ACRP Virtual Conference Resources (Theme: Ready for the Future) 

Career Resource Recommendations

  • Career Development Resources from the Pathways Network - a library of full-text career development resources on the web.
  • Career Development News
  • America's Career Resource Network (ACRN) Archived ACRN website provided by OVAE. This site provides access to the career resources listed below, but since this is an archived resource, the States data and contact information is NOT current and has not been updated in several years.

    Career Decision Making Tool -The process that students—or anyone else—must go through to identify a career direction and evaluate an educational preparation plan is provided in a six-step decision cycle that may be entered at any point and repeated over and over until a satisfactory conclusion is reached.  
    National Career Development Guidelines -a framework for building and evaluating comprehensive career development programs for youth and adults in a variety of settings. 
    Career Development Toolkit - a central library of resources to help career development professionals serve their student and adult clients better.  

White Papers