June 24-25, 2013

2013 NCAB Annual Convention

The Grandover Resort & Conference Center, Greensboro, NC

For 2013, NCAB is expanding its convention schedule
to include 12 different educational seminars.  
This will provide a wonderful opportunity for
General Managers, News Directors,  Programmers, and
Salespersons to participate.

Professional Development Partnership with RTDNAC

John Martin, Boomer Project, “Ten Transcendent Trends Reshaping the Future of the Broadcasting Industry”
Valerie Gellar, Programming Session, “Never Lose A Viewer! Never lose a Listener!”
Susana Schuler, Human Resources and General Manager Session, “Keep and Retain Your Local Stars” and “Managing from Millennials to Seasoned Vets”
Panel Session, “All Systems Forward: Tips for Taking An Underperforming Station to Higher Levels."
Graeme Newell, Marketing Media and Session, “Social Media Revenue” and “Station Branding”
Paul Weyland, Sales Session, “Think Like an Adman, Sell Like a Madman”
Legal Panel, "All Things Legal"
News Directors Panel, Professional Development Partnership with RTDNAC, "Challenges of Morale In the Newsroom During Changing Times. Not Everyone Adapts the Same Way” 


To view the invitation to the Annual Convention and the full schedule, please click below:

Invite and Schedule 


Click Here For Online Registration (Please Note: If your station is an NCAB member, please register as a member at the rate of $175)









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