Q: Can I attend the Assembly if I haven’t registered?

A: On-site Registration will be available in three categories: Clergy Voting Member, Lay Voting Member, and Non-Voting Member. Registration begins June 5 at 7 am in the Capital Center.

Q: When do the actual meetings start?

A: The Assembly will be called to order on June 5 at 10 am and June 6 at 9 am. All Assembly Plenary Sessions will be held in the Capital Center Arena.

Q: When do the meetings end?

A: The closing of the June 5 Assembly is scheduled for 5 pm, followed by a Synod-wide Worship Service. The June 6 Assembly is scheduled to adjourn at 4 pm, pending the completion of all Synod Business.

Q: Is lunch included in the registration fee?

A: Yes. Lunch on Friday and Saturday is included in the registration fee, as are beverages and snacks at the breaks.

Q: Is there handicap parking close to the meeting place?

A: A large parking lot is located across Mound Street from the Capital Center. Handicap parking space is available in the lot.

Q: I have to leave during the Assembly and return later. Is that a problem?

A: You may come and go as you please, but you cannot leave your voting clicker with anyone. Proxy voting is not permitted per synod constitution. Take your voting clicker with you or if you are not sure you will be able to return, give your voting clicker to the on-site registration desk attendee. He/She will make sure your voting clicker is put away safely.

Q: I don’t know who the congregational representative is going to be. Can I register for a representative without a name?

A: Yes. Register Lay Female or Lay Male as the name of the representative and complete the rest of the registration material with the congregation’s contact info. Contact Susan Barton-Nonno at sbarton-nonno@southernohiosynod.org or 614.464.3532 when you have the name of your lay female or lay male representative. The name of your representative may be added on-site if a voting member is secured after the May 20 cut off date.

Q: Are there rooms available in the University dorms?

A: Yes. We will be using Cotterman Hall. There are single and double rooms available June 4 and/or June 5. Rates are $65 per night for a single room and $50 per night for a double room. Linens are included with the rooms.

Q: I may have to bring my children for part of the Assembly. Is there child care for portions of the Assembly?

A: Childcare for young children will be provided by members of Christ Lutheran Church in Bexley, close to the University. Registration information and fees will be published as they become available.

Q: What’s the weather like in Columbus in early June?

A: Central Ohio in June has an average daytime temperature from the low to mid 70s. Showers are not uncommon during this time.

Q: Are there group discounted passes to Columbus attractions as part of the Assembly?

A: No, we are not able to provide discounted rates.

Q: Are vegetarian and vegan meals available for lunch?

A: Vegetarian options will be available at meals in the Capital Center.

Q: The registration fee is a bit high. Can I register for the Assembly but not buy the meals?

A: No. Because we are eating in the Capital Center, there’s no good way to monitor who has paid for a meal and who has not. As such, meals are included in the price of registration and cannot be separated out.

Q: Are there assigned seats in the Assembly Hall?

A: Seats are not assigned for Voting Members of the Assembly. Visitors are requested to sit at the back of the Assembly Hall. Signs will be posted designating the different areas.

Q: Can we bring food and drink into the Assembly meeting?

A: The Capital Center staff allows beverages and snacks to be brought into the Arena. Meals will be served in the adjacent Field House.