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2021 Southern Ohio Synod Assembly Program & Registration PDF

Virtual Assembly FAQs for Voting Members

What do voting members need to participate in the 2021 SOS Assembly?

1. Attendance Device: A computer or tablet with a microphone--This can be a shared device

2. Voting Device: A separate smartphone or tablet to download & use our voting app--This device can be used by one person only

3. Good internet connection


Can voting members gather in one location?

YES! As long as all voting members can gather safely based on current ODH guidelines, and they have access to a shared Attendance Device, we encourage voting members to attend assembly together. Perhaps even more than one congregation could gather if space allows.

We're looking for congregations that can

  • Project a Zoom meeting from a computer to a larger screen
  • Capture sound and video from participants in an “all congregation” meeting
  • Provide a moderator for an online event

If you can do the above and are willing to open your doors on June 4 & 5 for assembly voting members, please email Susan Barton-Nonno at We'll call you and go over the details!

Nomination Forms for Synod Council & 2022 CWA

Southern Ohio Synod Council Information For Nominations
2022 ELCA Churchwide Assembly Voting Member Information For Nominations


Helpful Resources:

ELCA Guidelines for Memorials and Resolutions 2021


Important Synod Assembly Actions for 2021:



Key Dates

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