Assembly Materials

Registration Check-In Card

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Please complete this card prior to arriving at the Assembly Hall to expedite check-in.

Pre-Assembly Materials

Please download the materials (PDF) to your computer/device and bring your computer/device with you or print off the packet so you'll have it handy during assembly. Hard copies will not be available at assembly. Because this is a large file, you are invited to download and print individual pieces of the packet as provided below this section.

Coming soon.

Nominations for Synod Council (coming soon)


Nomination Bios (General Election Completed Forms)


Nomination Forms for Each Conference (Blank)

Each are fillable PDF forms. Once forms are completed, save and email to Susan Barton-Nonno,


Agenda & Schedule of Events


Rules of Procedure


Meet our guests


Financial Reports


2021 Compensation Guidelines


2020 Assembly Reports


Procedural Forms

Resolution Form

Record Of Motion Form

Key Dates

None at this time.