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Pre-Assembly Materials

Please download the materials (PDF) to your computer/device and bring your computer/device with you or print off the packet so you'll have it handy during assembly. Hard copies will not be available at assembly. Because this is a large file, you are invited to download and print individual pieces of the packet as provided below this section.

2019 Pre-Assembly Packet Of Materials

Click HERE to read the resolution passed by the Southern Ohio Synod Council regarding the discernment process for the election of a bishop in 2019. This information was distributed via our normal distribution channels to all rostered ministers and church councils.

Bishop's Call Process (Election)

2019 Bishops Call Devotions

Bishops Call Process Discernment Letter from Rev. Craig Richter, Chair


Bishop Call Process Discernment Forms Received

The following discernment forms were received from ELCA Ministers of Word and Sacrament who were recognized by congregations/individuals in our synod as possessing qualities that would make them a good fit for the call of Bishop AND who chose to have their biographical information shared with the assembly prior to the Ecclesiastical Ballot (first ballot) for Bishop. The Rostered Ministers whose bios appear below will not automatically appear on the Ecclesiastical Ballot. All Rostered Ministers whom you would like to be Bishop of the Southern Ohio Synod, must have their names written on the Ecclesiastical Ballot (first ballot) by a voting member at the synod assembly. Only those individuals who names appear on that first ballot will be considered by the assembly for the call of Bishop. (Any questions regarding this process can be directed to Pr. Craig Richter (, chair of the Bishop Call Process Task Force or Pr. Rebecca Grate (, chair of the Elections Committee. See 'Constitutional Election Process for Bishop' section below for full details.



Constitutional Election Process for Bishop

S9.04. The bishop shall be elected by the Synod Assembly by ecclesiastical ballot. Three-fourths of the legal votes cast shall be necessary for election on the first ballot. If no one is elected, the first ballot shall be considered the nominating ballot. Three-fourths of the legal votes cast on the second ballot shall be necessary for election. The third ballot shall be limited to the seven persons (plus ties) who received the greatest number of legal votes on the second ballot, and two-thirds of the legal votes cast shall be necessary for election. The fourth ballot shall be limited to the three persons (plus ties) who receive the greatest number of legal votes on the third ballot, and 60 percent of the legal votes cast shall be necessary for election. On subsequent ballots a majority of the legal votes cast shall be necessary for election. These ballots shall be limited to the two persons (plus ties) who receive the greatest number of legal votes on the previous ballot.

†S8.11. The bishop shall be elected by the Synod Assembly. The bishop shall be a minister of Word and Sacrament of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

†S8.51. The terms of office of the officers of this synod shall be: a. The bishop of this synod shall be elected to a term of six years and may be reelected.


Nominations for Synod Council




Holly Fischer

Richard Freudenberger



Pr. Rob Bork

Pr. Matt Byrd



Matthew Peterson


Lay Male

Pr. Mark Combs

Pr. Ken Hacker



Michelle Riesbeck

Pamela Thomas


Lay Female

Pr. Larry Grunden

Pr. Cheryl Siegenthaler



Laura Schmidt


Lay Female

Dale Poppe

Bob Taylor

Doug Ware


Lay Male

Pr. Roger Quay

Pr. Ken Witt



Roy Hart


Lay Male

Ethan Roberts

Morgan Walker

At Large

Young Adult 


Consultation Committee (6 to be selected)

  1. Delbert Boring
  2. Donna Bowman
  3. Pr. Mark Combs
  4. Pr. Jodi Keith
  5. Pr. Larry Novak
  6. Pr. Charles Peterson
  7. Pr. Cheryl Siegenthaler


Discipline Committee (6 to be selected)

  1. Sallie Anderson
  2. Bill Baer
  3. Pr. Janet Hatch
  4. Jerry Haun
  5. Anne Miller
  6. Pr. Joshua Miller
  7. Pr. Charles Woodward


Nomination Bios (General Election Completed Forms)

Consultation Committee Nomination Forms All

Discipline Committee Nomination Forms All

Synod Council Nomination Forms All


Nomination Forms for Each Conference (Blank)

Each are fillable PDF forms. Once forms are completed, save and email to Susan Barton-Nonno,

2019 Nominations Form Cincinnati Conference

2019 Nominations Form Muskingum Conference

2019 Nominations Form Northwest Conference

2019 Nominations Form Scioto Conference

2019 Nominations Form Secretary

2019 Nominations Form Young Adult

2019 Nominations Form Consultation Or Discipline Committee


Agenda & Schedule of Events

2019 Southern Ohio Synod Assembly Agenda To Be Adopted By The Assembly

2019 SOS Assembly Schedule Of Events


Rules of Procedure

2019 Southern Ohio Synod Assembly Rules Of Procedure


Meet our guests

Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton--ELCA Representative

Deacon Cory Driver--Bible Study Leader


Financial Reports

Apple Growth Partners SOS Audit 2018

Congregational Giving Report 2018

2020-2021 Mission & Ministry Plan-Proposed


2020 Compensation Guidelines

2020 Compensation Guidelines for Deacons

2020 Compensation Guidelines for Pastors-No Parsonage

2020 Compensation Guidelines for Pastors-With Parsonage


2019 Assembly Reports

2018 Synod Assembly Minutes

2019 Southern Ohio Synod Bishop Report For Assembly 2019
2019 Letter to the Synod Assembly from ELCA Presiding Bishop Eaton-English version
2019 Letter to the Synod Assembly from ELCA Presiding Bishop Eaton-Spanish version
2019 ELCA Annual Report
(Due to the size of this report it will not be included in the Pre-Assembly Materials. You are encouraged to read it on your own and share with your congregation.)
2019 Assembly Report by the Synod Council Vice President
Amazing Grace Day Camps 2019 Report
2018 Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services Annual Report
Graceworks Lutheran Services 2019 Report
Hunger Task Force 2019 Annual Report
2019 Lutheran Social Services Report
Mission Investment Fund Report 2018
2019 Oesterlen Services For Youth Report
Portico Synod Assembly Annual Report
ELCA Region 6 Archives Synod Assembly Report
Southern Ohio Candidacy Report 2019
Trinity Seminary At Capital University Report
Wittenberg University Report 2019


Campus Map

Wittenberg Parking & Shuttle Bus Map 2019


Procedural Forms

Resolution Form

Record Of Motion Form

Key Dates

None at this time.