Assembly Registration 

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2021 SOS Assembly Registration Link

2021 Southern Ohio Synod Assembly Program & Registration PDF

Why should I be a voting member?  

The Synod Assembly, is the highest legislative authority. The powers of the Synod Assembly are limited only by the provisions in the Articles of Incorporation, our constitution and bylaws, the assembly’s own resolutions, and the constitutions and bylaws of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

It is also your opportunity to better understand how the synod level of the ELCA works and how your generous donations are put to good use to carry out our shared mission and ministry.

We hope you will share with your congregation members what you learn and discover during the assembly. Remember, we are stronger and better together as we join Jesus in the restoration of the world!




Please note: Photographs and video will be taken during synod assembly. By registering for the assembly, you are giving the Southern Ohio Synod permission to use your image for promotional material associated with the assembly and the Southern Ohio Synod. Photos and videos will not be sold to 3rd parties.

Key Dates

None at this time.