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Ex-offenders in the Spotlight in ACRP Webinar

Staci Parker to Present "Effective Ex-offender Career Development Programs"

This ACRP Professional Development Webinar will present ideas for implementing career development programs with ex-offenders. Presenter Staci Parker is an author, practitioner, and researcher who has studied, worked with, and published about the ex-offender population.

Many ex-offenders face obstacles to employment – these may include some or all of the following: criminal histories, legal prohibitions, lack of transportation, limited housing opportunities, brief or non-existent work histories, self-esteem issues, limited experience with or access to computers and cell phones, employer risk aversion, stressed relationships, mental health issues, and a general sense of hopelessness.

Ex-offenders frequently lack educational, employment, and soft skills.

Clearly, such challenged clientele pose some of the most difficult assignments for career development professionals.

Staci will demonstrate that hope can be fostered, challenges can be met, and opportunities expanded through positive engagement with ex-offenders and through expectations of excellence.

ACRP is pleased to present Staci Parker MSOD, GCDF, whose work among ex-offenders informs her knowledge of what works and what fails in serving a population that today numbers in the millions.

When:  June 14, 2017, at 2 pm EASTERN
Where: Online via GoToWebinar
Cost:    Free to ACRP members, $30 for non-members
How:    Sign up here.

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