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A Parent's Guide To Their Kid's Future Careers In The Skilled Trades

Jason Burns Sr Content Strategist Posted 11/12/2019

Ask any parent with teenagers what they hope their kids will do after they graduate from high school, and a majority of them will tell you they expect their child to go to college. Go ahead, admit it, you probably do too. Whether you’re a father of three boys, two daughters or one son, you and your spouse likely can’t envision anything other than your kids walking across the stage at a university graduation and receiving a degree.

For decades, the message has been clear – if you want to succeed in life, you must go to college and get a degree. But today, success with a college degree is far from a sure bet. At best, young adults are walking away from college with fewer well-paying opportunities, greater competition and enough debt to keep them in payment plans for the next 20 here to read more. 

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