CASA Member Survey

CASA is conducting a member survey and would like your feedback.

Please take a moment to complete the following survey to help better CASA's membership services. This survey should only take a few minutes.

My center is:

An Independent Center
Part of a Corporate Organization or Health System


1. Overall Satisfaction

A. What are the top three challenges you are facing right now?
B. Overall, how satisfied are you with CASA's level of service?
C. I intend to remain a member of CASA.
If No, why?
D. I would recommend CASA to an associate.

Please provide any additional comments on CASA 'OVERALL':


2. Value of Information

A. How satisfied are you with the value of CASA as a news and information resource?
B. I receive news and information from CASA that is not readily available through other sources.
C. The news and information I receive are timely and up to date.

3. Representation

A. How satisfied are you with how we represent your ASC interests?
B. Through membership in CASA, I enjoy the strength of numbers.
C. CASA promotes issues that are important to me.

4. Assistance & Responsiveness

A. How satisfied are you with the overall ability of CASA to assist you?
B. Questions and needs are responded to quickly and efficiently.
C. CASA has the knowledge and expertise to address most needs I may have.
D. If my ASC had a particular problem, I would use the resources of CASA to help solve it.

Please provide any additional comments on your 'PERCEPTIONS OF ORGANIZATION (CASA)':


5. Value of Services

A. For the value you received, do you believe your membership investment last year was:
B. Rate each one of our benefits/programs on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being most valuable and 1 being least valuable:
CASA Conference
Infection Prevention Seminar
West Coast Seminar partnered with Nossaman LLP
California Department of Public Health
Medical Board of CA
Workers' Compensation
CMS tools and resources
Salary Survey
ASC-specific Posters
ASC Weekly Questions Blog

Other Benefits

Partners Page (Businesses offereing ASC-related goods & services)
Career Postings
C. Is there anything you would like to see enhanced or added to our service offerings?
D. What other member-based industry organizations do you belong to?

6. Programs & Seminars

A. How satisfied are you with the variety of educational programs and seminars we offer?
B. Your programs and seminars are a valuable benefit of membership.
C. The cost of the programs and seminars you offer is reasonable.
D. Programs and seminars offered by the association are thorough and professionally produced.
E. The frequency and length of your programs and seminars meet my business needs.

Please provide any additional comments on 'MEMBER SERVICES':


A. How satisfied are you with how we represent your needs on legislative and regulatory issues?
B. The lobbying efforts of CASA are consistent with my views of legislative and regulatory need.
C. CASA effectively communicates our industry's needs to legislative and regulatory leaders.
D. CASA’s lobbying efforts have brought about positive changes for our industry.

Please provide any additional comments on CASA's 'ADVOCACY':


8. Newsletter Value

A. How satisfied are you with our newsletter as a source of information?
B. I read every issue of your newsletter that I receive.
C. I normally share issues of the newsletter with others in my company.
D. I save most issues of your newsletter as a reference source.
E. How satisfied are you with the style and content of our newsletter?
F The length of newsletter articles is sufficient to provide all the detail I need.
G. If I weren't a member, I would be willing to pay for a subscription to receive your newsletter.

9. Web Site

A. How satisfied are you with our website?
B. Your website is a good source of up-to-date information.
C. Your website is easy to use.

Please provide any additional comments on CASA's 'COMMUNICATION':