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CFP: Teacher to Teacher Event at the 2020 Milwaukee CCC Convention

In the spirit of the CCCC 2020 call for proposals, “Considering Our Commonplaces,” we invite educators to reconsider commonplaces by bringing their successes, challenges, and instructive failures as the 2020 Teacher to Teacher event. The CCCC call notes, “commonplaces often entail ideas about learners and learning—what learners do and need, how learning happens, and on what grounds learning may be refused.” Further, it asks us to explore “[W]hat [we] know, and how do [we] know it? What will it take for [us] to learn more, or learn differently?” Teacher to Teacher (T2T) invites colleagues to engage each other as literacy educators, to share examples of efforts that have worked particularly well as well as solicit feedback on approaches that we imagined would be successful but that were not. We invite proposals for table presentations that (re)discover commonplaces of writing pedagogy through the exchange of teaching ideas and accounts of what happens in the classroom: the values we share and mobilize us and the pedagogical policies and practices that, for a range of reasons, fell short.

The 2020 T2T call for proposals invites presentations not only on a range of ideas that work, but also to share problems presenters seek to solve in their courses, and to engage others in conversation about how we move our pedagogies forward in support of our students’ development as writers. Table presenters are invited to share their projects with groups of 6-8 attendees around a table and with the goal of creating opportunities for conversation on approach.

T2T provides anyone invested in writing pedagogy (full-time, post-doc, part-time, graduate, undergraduate, and aspiring educators), and from any educational institution, a dedicated space to discuss teaching at the Convention.

Possible Practice-based ideas and problems include, but are not limited to the following:

  •  Assignments:research-focused informal and formal writing projects, digital projects, blending narrative, rhetorical analysis
  •  Activities:group work, reading, in-class work, quick writes, shared writing, peer workshop
  •  Lesson Plans/or Teaching Concepts:on structure, scaffolding, academic synthesis, metadiscourse, logic, introductions, conclusions, genre conventions, argumentation
  •  Classroom Management: growing participation and engagement, record keeping, knowing your students, responding to essays and projects, best practices in peer review

This year, each roundtable will be assigned five participants, four presenters and one facilitator. Attendees can join any table to listen and contribute to the conversations. Invited scholar/teachers will foster conversations across presentations. Accepted proposals will be assigned to the morning or afternoon session with two table rotations per two-hour session.  Roundtable Sessions will offer 5 minutes for introductions of the presenters, 5 minutes for each of the four presentations and 30 minutes of conversation and discussion. There will be a 10-minute break with everyone moving to new tables for the second round.

T2T Goals:

  •  Share examples of effective writing projects (informal and formal)
  •  Consider new ways to address problems and challenges from the classroom
  •  Describe innovative writing pedagogies as solutions to situated problems
  •  Network with colleagues across institutional homes and programs
  •  Build community with similarly interested colleagues
  •  Bridge the divide between college and high school writing teachers
  •  Learn from innovative writing educators teaching a wide range of student populations and who represent diverse institutional settings.
  •  Consider professional and instructor development ideas and strategies for adjuncts and GTAs

Registration: T2T is free to CCCC full convention registrants or Saturday registrants, and those who are accepted will be listed in the 2020 Convention program.

Submission Deadline: 11:59 p.m. EDT, Friday, November 29, 2019
To submit a proposal visit our Web site: Presentation acceptances will be announced by Friday, December 13, 2019.

Notes: Presenters must register for the CCCC full (or Saturday-only) convention to present and have their names listed as a speaking role in the Convention book and on the T2T program.

Questions? Please feel encouraged to contact us: Christine Cucciarre ( and Lee Nickoson, Co-Chairs



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