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Application for Student Ambassador Program

The ECA Student Ambassador Program is designed to provide Undergraduate students with the opportunity to, without paying registration fees, attend and participate in the ECA convention and experience an academic service opportunity. It is a wonderful chance to learn about academia while adding a service element to the Ambassador’s résumé or graduate school application.

Applications will open soon.

This is a competitive selection process and a limited number of Ambassador slots are available.

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James C. McCroskey and Virginia P. Richmond
Undergraduate Scholars Conference

held concurrently with the

116th Eastern Communication Association Annual Convention

“Contemporary Problems, Creative Solutions”

Hyatt Regency, Buffalo, NY

March 26-March 30, 2025

Call for undergraduate submissions will open soon.

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ECA USC Poster Guidelines - PowerPoint

 ECA USC Poster Guidelines Word Document

Call for Competitive Graduate Posters

116th Eastern Communication Association Annual Convention

“Contemporary Problems, Creative Solutions”

Hyatt Regency, Buffalo, NY

March 26-March 30, 2025

Call for Competitive Graduate Posters will open soon.

General Poster  information:

What is a poster session?
A poster session is a display of multiple research papers in poster/discussion format. Rather than a formal presentation, poster sessions allow authors to display their findings through both text and illustrations, and at the same time, discuss their research with participants attending the session. The idea is to get a large number of people to see your work in a quick, efficient, clear, organized, and professional manner.

Posters are comprised of small amounts of text along with charts, graphs, photographs, diagrams, and other visual representations of data and findings. The author(s) of each manuscript/poster stands adjacent to his/her poster, ready to discuss what is displayed in further depth with conventioneers who attend the session. Although there are formal starting and ending times to the session, attendees may visit the posters at any time during the session.

Will there be awards?
The Top Posters in the Undergraduate Poster Division will receive awards. No posters will be considered for these awards if they do not adhere to the “Poster Session Absolutes” listed below. Judges will be coming through the poster sessions on both days to evaluate the posters. All judge's decisions are final. 

What must my poster have?

  • The paper title (at the TOP of the poster) must be the same title you submitted with your accepted paper, even if youve made revisions since then.
  • The author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s).
  • The main findings of the paper – typed text and graphics.
  • Absolutely NO handwritten text or free-hand drawings.
  • Further suggestions for research are recommended but are not necessary.

Should I have a handout as well?

Although it is not necessary, we do recommend handouts for a more effective experience with your audience. Handouts should be no more than half a page to one page to provide to those who are interested in your poster. This assists in creating conversations after the poster session is over (include contact information for all authors) and helps you reach individuals you may have not been able to interact with.

Minimally, the handout should have the author(s) name(s) and contact information, the title of the paper, and the abstract. Images may be included but are not required. It is recommended to note on the handout that this was presented at the ECA 2023 Graduate Poster Session. Bring anywhere between 15-25 handouts and a sign-up sheet in case you run out of copies.

Any other information I should know about?

Information regarding your poster will be sent out once posters are accepted. This will include poster format, materials, dos and don’ts during the poster session, and professionalism. Should your poster be accepted, please look out for a follow-up email regarding this information.

Student Poster Session Guidelines

2018 Poster Example

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