About Us

The Georgia Cemetery Association began in 1955 and was formally established as a non-profit corporation in 1957 and continues to serve both perpetual care cemeteries and consumers across the state of Georgia.

Through our educational programs, annual convention and seminars, the GCA brings to its membership, information that allows cemeteries statewide, to operate and serve consumers in their communities with the most current of services and products and with the highest of ethic standards.

The GCA, through its Legal and Legislative committee, continuously monitors legislation of interest to the cemetery profession and the consumers served.  Additionally, the GCA and its Public Relations firm maintain a close working relationship with state regulatory agencies and lawmakers at the capital.  When not at the capital during the legislative sessions, the GCA Legislative committee and their Public Relations firm is working year round to ensure appropriate regulation of the states perpetual care cemeteries and the communities they serve.

On a national level, the GCA is the state affiliate member of the ICCFA, International Cemetery Cremation and Funeral Association.  Through this affiliate membership, the GCA is notified of key national and regional issues affecting the death care profession which is shared with the GCA membership.



Enhancing the Profession Promoting Fellowship Serving Our Communities