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Public Education Partnership (PEP) Program Information

Iowa Broadcasters Association (IBA) Information:

The Iowa Broadcasters Association (IBA) unites public and commercial radio and television across the state. IBA boasts a membership of 214 radio and TV stations across the state of Iowa.

PEP Program (PEP) Information:

Broadcasters donate unsold airtime to their state broadcasters' associations, which in turn make that airtime available to government agencies so that they can conduct more effective outreach. A PEP is a hybrid between a public service announcement and a regular commercial advertisement designed to assist states with broad based public awareness campaigns. PEPs are handled like commercial messages in that the sponsor receives affidavits indicating when the messages ran and the value of the airtime. PEPs are broadcast between 6am and midnight.

PEPs are most appropriate for public awareness of issues that cut across all demographics, where there is insufficient budget to cover the state or region adequately with paid advertising. Under the right circumstances, an PEP campaign administered by the IBA can deliver the “biggest bang for the buck” for a state government agency.

PEP Campaigns

There are no active campaigns at this time

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