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2019 ISHR Conference - Message Regarding Submissions

Dear ISHR member,

Although the software for submissions to the 2019 New Orleans conference has been working very well thanks to the vigilance of former President Manfred Kraus, there are always possibilities for problems, and we don’t want to lose any proposals. Once you have clicked “submit,” you should first be asked if you are sure you wish to submit. Please remember that, after pushing the “Yes” button on this final verification, you should receive a double confirmation by:

(a) a confirmation window showing on your screen, saying “Your proposal for the Twenty-Second Biennial Conference of the International Society for the History of Rhetoric, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, 23-27 July 2019 has been successfully submitted,” and

(b) an e-mail with the same text sent to the e-mail address you submitted.

If you don’t receive any confirmation, that means the proposal is not yet in the review queue and cannot be viewed by the Program Committee. If there is an issue with the form, such as omitted information, the box which is causing the problem will have a red frame around it. 

If all else fails, contact me ( or Manfred Kraus (  As a reminder, proposals for papers and abstract should be submitted by 11 May to the submission website,

Best wishes,


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Malcolm Richardson
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Louisiana State University
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