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Minimum Quantity 100

QuantityStyleBefore 8/1/19After 8/1/19Total
No.1117 Country Memories$1.37 ea.$1.46 ea.
No.1951 Classic Muscle$1.37 ea.$1.46 ea.
No.1452 I Love America$1.37 ea.$1.46 ea.
No.1805 Southeast Sportsman$1.37 ea.$1.46 ea.
No.1600 Motivations$1.37 ea.$1.46 ea.
No.1700 Barns$1.37 ea.$1.46 ea.
No.1054 Puppies$1.37 ea.$1.46 ea.
No.1709 American Splendor$1.37 ea.$1.46 ea.
No.1806 Sportsman$1.37 ea.$1.46 ea.
No.1850 Muscle Cars$1.37 ea.$1.46 ea.
No.1851 Antique Tractors$1.37 ea.$1.46 ea.
No.1701 Scenes of America$1.37 ea.$1.46 ea.
No.1601 Scenic Inspirations$1.37 ea.$1.46 ea.
No.1854 American Muscle$1.37ea.$1.46 ea.
No.1855 Big Rigs$1.37 ea.$1.46 ea.
No.1857 Antique Trucks$1.37 ea.$1.46 ea.
No.1858 Antique Cars$1.37 ea.$1.46 ea.
No.1859 Exotic Cars$1.37 ea.$1.46 ea.
No.1801 North American Wildlife$1.37 ea.$1.46 ea.
No.1861 Street Rods$1.37 ea.$1.46 ea.
No.1862 Junkyard Classics$1.36 ea.$1.46 ea.
No.1863 Classic Cars$1.37 ea.$1.46 ea.
No.1715 Sunrise/Sunset$1.37 ea.$1.46 ea.
No.1732 National Geographic Photography$1.37 ea.$1.46 ea.
ENVELOPES  Bulk $ .20 Inserted $ .30
FREE EXTRA SHEET OPTIONS (reference page 7 of brochure)
If desiredFREE

Minimum Quantity - 300: 7005, 7012, 7032, 7046 100: 8001

QuantityStyleBefore 8/1/19After 8/1/19Total
No.7005 Muscle Thunder$1.15 ea.$1.28 ea.
No.7012 American Armed Forces$1.15 ea.$1.28 ea.
No.7032 National Day$1.15 ea.$1.28 ea.
No.7046 Scenic Memories$1.15 ea.$1.28 ea.
ENVELOPES  Bulk $ .20 Inserted $ .35
No.8001 Monthly Pocket Planner$1.36 ea.$1.45 ea.
ENVELOPES  Bulk $ .20 Inserted $ .36
OptionsStandard Matte

Minimum Quantity 150

QuantityStyleBefore 8/1/19After 8/1/19Total
No.5323 13-Month Two Color Stick-Up$ .69 ea.$ .72
No.5324 Memorable Muscle Stick-Up$ .73 ea.$ .77
ENVELOPES  Bulk $ .20 Inserted $ .35

Minimum Quantity 50

QuantityStyleBefore 8/1/19After 8/1/19Total
No.6108 Patriotic Contractor$4.45 ea.$4.75 ea
MAILING TUBES $ .49$ .49
No.6502 Patriotic Desk Pad$5.05 ea.$5.48 ea

Minimum Quantity 100

QuantityStyleImprint Set-Up feePriceTotal
No. 21155 Mini Auto Trash Can$50.00$3.75 ea.

Minimum Quantity 25

QuantityStyleImprint Set-Up FeePriceTotal
No. 21102 Roadside Safety Light$50.00$9.75 ea.

Minimum Quantity 250

QuantityStyleImprint Set-Up FeePriceTotal
No. 32045 Suction Cup Phone HolderFREE$ 1.29 ea.
No.21110 Mini Double Ring Tire Pressure Gauge$50.00$ .99 ea.

Minimum Quantity 100

QuantityStyleImprint Set-up FeePriceTotal
No.21101 Twist Keylight$50.00$1.75 ea.

Minimum Quantity 300

QuantityStyleImprint Set-Up FeePriceTotal
No.EMBW BIC Emblem PenFREE$ .79 ea.
No.CS BIC Clic SticFREE$ .55 ea.

There will NOT be an Imprint Set-up Charge on calendar orders this year!

There will also be a 7.50% sales tax charge.

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Physical artwork will be kept until the order is produced. Artwork returned upon request, otherwise it will be discarded.
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NOTE: All Calendar orders must be received by November 1, 2019, to ensure holiday delivery.