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About SHARP Plus

SHARP Plus LogoThe SHARP Plus (Safety and Health Agenda for Roofing Professionals) program provides quality work safety materials to help you and your company meet the minimum requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Members receive the SHARP Plus program at no additional charge!

Materials include:

  • SHARP Monthly Meetings are designed for formal training at the office, cover a variety of topics including; ladder safety, fall protection, hazard communication, etc.
  • SHARP Toolbox Talks are designed for weekly training on the job site, cover a variety of topics including; high voltage accidents, emergency planning, traffic control, etc. Tool Box Talks come with optional quizzes. All materials are distributed in English and Spanish. MRCA strongly suggests that you document all training.
  • Safety Awards Program – Submit your safety program and get a rated and fully customized evaluation and marketing tools to continuously improve your safety processes and set you apart from your competition for your commitment to safety.

Training should be conducted to meet the safety goals of your company. While compliance with the OSHA is necessary, the safety of your employees and your company’s desire to act in a professional manner should drive your safety program.

Join MRCA and receive all these great benefits for your company!