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MRCA WinR: Women in Roofing 

For Women in the Management and Operations of Roofing Companies

WinR provides a place for women who are involved in the management of roofing companies to quickly and efficiently relate to others in similar roles with similar backgrounds and knowledge. Each person's involvement matters and will help them form the personality and directions of the group. 


•             Share best practices

•             Learn about others’ areas of expertise

•             Gain comfort in knowing you aren’t alone in challenges faced

•             Find solutions and resources for your challenges

•             Make a difference for those that follow 

•             Change the perception of women in the roofing industry

•             Feel rejuvenated and energized to add value to your business


CLICK HERE to be a part of WinR

Join us this year in Omaha for the WinR-Sponsored session at the MRCA Annual Conference and Expo! 

If you have any pictures that you would like to share, please send them to or text to 937-367-9126.  We would love to post them here and on our Facebook page!