General Assignment Reporter


Top rated FOX affiliate looking for a dynamic reporter who will break stories, do creative live shots, and enterprise great pkgs. We call ourselves the News Leader and we mean it. We have award winning photojournalists, all the best equipment and 8.5 hours of local news to fill a day. We’re seeking someone who can quickly become immersed in the community to develop and maintain a story source network. Duties include planning, researching, writing, and reporting (both live and taped), as well as personal appearances on behalf of the station. The job requires solid journalism skills and a strong knowledge of national and international events, as well as keeping up on all local stories. Must be able to deal effectively with people, manage multiple projects simultaneously, and work accurately and efficiently under pressure. 

Full Time
High Point NC 27263

Candidate must demonstrate proficiency with live news technology, creative production techniques, and newsroom computers, have a minimum of 2 years of television news experience, and be a strong live reporter with excellent writing and storytelling skills. 

College degree required, with preferred major in journalism. Non-returnable/DVD required.

FOR CONSIDERATION - Qualified candidates should forward application, resume, cover letter, and a non-returnable DVD if applicable. Please state job title and where you found out about the position.


Send to FOX 8 WGHP-TV, Attn: Human Resources, 2005 Francis Street, High Point, NC 27263