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VGM Creates Durable Medical Equipment Community Emergency Response Committee

Please Complete Survey by November 11

Earlier this year, southern states like Texas and Oklahoma were hit with an unexpected winter storm that left many, including patients reliant on oxygen and other powered DME, without power for days.  That’s when HME state associations, VGM, and industry leaders stepped in to begin establishing processes are needed to assist beneficiaries in their time of need. Emergency Preparedness for Home Medical Equipment Suppliers Committee was established to address these issues.

The goal of the newly established group is to bring awareness to federal and state emergency management groups of the need for breathing and mobility devices during a natural disaster. The committee also aims to put together a roadmap or toolkit for DME suppliers to follow in these emergency situations.

Emergency Preparedness Committee Members Include:

  • Dawn Seek - MNCHA​
  • Larry Dalton - OMEPA​
  • Bob Achermann - CAMPS​
  • Rose Schafhauser - MAMES/SWMESA​
  • Victoria Peterson - TexMEP​
  • Mike Calcaterra - Big Sky AMES/PAMES
  • Chris Townsend- FAHCS
  • John Gallagher and Emily Harken of VGM

The group has already met with Tangita Daramola, the Competitive Acquisition Ombudsman for CMS, as well as other CMS officials in an effort to connect with larger audiences at the federal level, bringing awareness of DMEPOS communities’ importance and needs during an emergency.

In order for effective changes to be made, we need to hear from you! Please take a minute to answer the 10 question survey below regarding your experiences during a disaster. The information will be collected and sent to appropriate officials who may be able to assist in improved processes and programs.

The survey closes November 11.

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