General Information

The Ohio Association of Medical Equipment Services (OAMES) is a non-profit trade organization established in February 1981 for the purpose of advocating the interests of home medical equipment (HME) providers throughout Ohio. OAMES is the premier Ohio source for industry business information, education, networking and a voice on state and national government issues affecting the HME services industry.

OAMES was the first recipient of the National Association for Medical Equipment Services (now American Association for Homecare) Outstanding State Association Award in 1993.

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As a member of OAMES, you'll receive personal assistance with problem solving through staff and volunteer support. OAMES interacts with third party payers, government agencies, the media, allied health organizations and consumer groups to protect and promote home medical equipment services.  You'll find numerous organizations listed under the "Advocacy" tab on this website that we work closely with in this endeavor.