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A Year In Review: 2021 Can Be Summed Up In One Word - Resilience!

Positive Message and Observations from VGM Government Relations


While it is true that our industry, and all industries for that matter, face challenges on several fronts, we should take stock in the amazing service, support, and products that our community was able to provide to those in need! Your focus on the patient was never more needed, and each of you rose to the challenge. As you battle through supply shortages, uncertain healthcare policies, public health emergencies, and crazy weather in multiple regions across the county, you continue to show why our industry is a vital component to patient health success and continues to gain visibility in the home healthcare space.

It is in response to your amazing work that the VGM Government Relations team doubled down on its efforts to support our industry, raise up your voices, and go boldly into the issue debates with local, state, and federal policy makers. This “year in review” highlights topics through which your VGM Government Relations team walked side-by-side with you to ensure that our industry has a voice, that your concerns are heard, and that your victories are recognized. From standing up to highlight the need for equitable reimbursement, to showcasing the patient nees you are fulfilling even as supply shortages persist, VGM stands with you to ensure that your voice is heard from state capitals to the nation’s capital.

Let’s take time to reflect on 2021. Click here to read more!

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