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Attention HME Providers! Reminder to Keep Ohio Medicaid Information Current


With the Next Generation of managed care coming, it is even more important that all Ohio Medicaid providers keep all their information up to date. OAC 5160-1-17.2 states that ODM is be informed within 30 days of any changes. This includes changes such as licensure, ownership, affiliations, addresses, etc. Provider demographics and affiliations are an easy self-service function on the MITS Secure Provider Portal.  

  • For help with how to update demographics, refer to ODM's video tutorial.
  • For help with how to update group member linkages to keep provider affiliations  current, refer to these instructions.
  • For additional assistance with how to report any changes, contact Ohio Medicaid's IVR @ 1-800-686-1516 and listen closely to the prompts so that you reach our enrollment department.

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