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Helpful Tool to Understand HME Industry Shorthand


The home medical equipment services' industry terminology is filled with acronyms and abbreviations that may sound like a foreign language to many. For example, would your new hire know what this means? “CMS’ CPI-U adjustment didn’t offset the increased COGS and operating costs of providing DME in the PHE; meanwhile, Medicare FFS is still using the outdated SPA rates from the last round of CBP. Thankfully, AAH helped secure CARES relief and ARPA funds and is pursing legislation for the additional 90/10 relief.  We’re part of the GAP that will help drive grassroots support!”
The American Association for Homecare developed a resource of common Industry terms/acronyms that explain what these shorthand references mean.  We appreciate our national association sharing this helpful information.  You can access this handy acronym-explainer here and also find it on the Tools & Resources section of AAHomecare’s website.

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