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Provider Network Management & Centralized Credentialing Training Coming Soon


The following messaged was released by the Ohio Department of Medicaid on 3/24/2022. OAMES will continue to track these updates and share information as soon as it becomes available for these changes coming 7/01/2022. 

As a part of the next generation of Ohio’s Medicaid managed care program, the new Provider Network Management (PNM) Module and Centralized Credentialing initiative will include customized user training available through a variety of channels to provide learning for all user types including:

Type Description
E-learning/On-Demand Trainings Web-based learning and digital collaboration.Includes the delivery of content via Internet, audio and video, text, pictures, and more.Recorded (video + audio) of course.
Classroom Instructor-Led Training Two-way, interactive classroom-style training lead by an instructor. Sessions will utilize a mix of presentation, demonstration, hands-on practice, and training materials.
Virtual Classrooms Seminar-style trainings hosted through a call-in host like WebEx or Zoom.
Desk Reference Guides Detailed description of the steps to achieve the end goal. Covers all functions available within the system. Used as a desk reference for each individual user group written in a fashion that will be easy to consume by all audiences.
Quick Reference Guide Provides quick reference information primarily conveyed via screenshots and concise, numbered callouts.
Post Go-live Training Ask me anything sessions, FAQ documents, Answer Hours (by target audience).

To learn more about the PNM Module and Centralized Credentialing, visit the PNM & Centralized Credentialing page on the next generation website. The training is expected to begin in May 2022 and additional details will be forthcoming.

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