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AAHomecare Offers Complimentary Webinar on Introduction to Woundcare

Tuesday, May 24, 2-3 PM Eastern


Introduction to Woundcare Webinar hosted by AAHomecare's Woundcare Workgroup


  • Jennifer Anderson, MBA, MSN, RN, CWOCN, CFCN, CWS, Regional Clinical Manager, RestorixHealth | AMT Woundcare
  • Yesenia Banks, AWT Reimbursement Manager, 3M Health Care
  • Lucy Ketner, Director of Compliance & Government Affairs, Prism Medical Products
  • Jodi RohlwingHettich, VP Business Development, DermaRite Industries

Proper wound care plays an integral role in both preventing further trauma to a wound and helping one heal. Durable Medical Equipment (DME) companies work closely with wound clinics and other referral sources to help end users manage their wounds in a home-based setting, providing surgical dressings and supplies, education, and support.

Surgical dressings are covered by Medicare Part B, Medicaid, and other insurance when medically necessary. Currently, the surgical dressings category has a high “improper payment rate” by Medicare’s Comprehensive Error Rate Testing (CERT) audits, of which 81.8% is due to insufficient documentation. While this can include supplier errors such as proof of delivery, the majority of these errors stem from medical records either missing or containing conflicting information from that provided on the standard written order (SWO).

By working together to ensure that the documentation errors are prevented, prescribers and suppliers can minimize disruption to patient access, streamline the order processes, and lessen the risk and impact of audits. This presentation will provide introductory education on DME MAC statutory and “reasonable and necessary” requirements to all woundcare stakeholders to reduce the error rate associated with surgical dressings.

This presentation provides entry level information on:

  • Woundcare & surgical dressings terminology, key elements, and descriptors
  • Common woundcare category descriptions, codes, coverage, examples, and reimbursement
  • Standard Written Order (SWO) and medical record elements
  • Woundcare clinical coverage requirements
  • Resources tools available for guidance on woundcare

The Webinar is part of an educational series by AAHomecare’s Woundcare Work Group and is being provided complimentary to the DME Industry and other woundcare stakeholders.

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