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AAHomecare Develops Messaging for Requesting Relaxed PAP Compliance


Source: American Association for Homecare Insider 5/25/2022

Demand for PAP machines continues to outstrip available devices in the wake of last year’s recall and ongoing supply chain issues impacting production of new equipment.  Decreased availability of semiconductor chips for medical products has been one of the major contributors to this problem.

Some manufacturers have stepped into the market with products that do not utilize as many specialized electronic components and offer fewer technical capabilities.  In some cases, new PAP devices that have entered the market do not have wireless cell modem data tracking technology, which can record patient compliance data, which some insurance company policies require to authorize continued use of a PAP device and replacement supplies.

AAHomecare has developed a letter that suppliers can use with their payers explaining the issue and requesting that “insurance companies remove, for a limited period of time, any policy requiring patient compliance data for continued use or authorization” in order help maintain patient access to PAP devices.

Suppliers looking to utilize PAP devices with limited data tracking/sharing capabilities can download the letter here.

Contact David Chandler, senior director of payer relations, at for more information.

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