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COVID-19 PHE Extended into April 2023

Source: American Association for Homecare


HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra today extended the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) for an additional 90-day period, through April 11, 2023.
As long as the PHE continues, the 75/25 blended rate in non-rural/non-competitive bidding areas will remain in effect, along with other policies tied to the status of the PHE, including:

  • NCD/LCD flexibility allowing expanded use of home-based respiratory products and continuous glucose monitors.
  • Waiver of face-to-face requirements for many products; allows the use of telehealth for items that are not included in the waiver such as PMD.
  • 6.2% increase in Medicaid FMAP match (will remain in effect through the end of the quarter the PHE expires).
  • TRICARE reimbursement increases tied to the Medicare rate relief.

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra has provided guidance to healthcare stakeholders that the Agency will provide at least 60 days’ advance notice before ending the PHE. 

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