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OAMES 2023 Flagship Member Feature: Compass Health


The following article was provided by Compass Health, one of OAMES 2023 Flagship Sponsor Members:  

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The HME industry has a way of creating unforgettable and defining moments. We remember these moments years later and realize they are part of the reason we are where we are today.

Rob Clear, Regional Sales Director, at Compass Health Brands has been working and learning in the HME industry for eight years. With the opportunity to travel around the country he has spoken to a diverse number of HME providers, learned from them, networked with them, and helped a few along the way. He has served on the boards of many state associations, aided and instructed in dealer education, and in the end, made many lifelong friends and colleagues.

When Roscoe Medical merged with Carex, there were big things on the horizon. Rob was asked to be a part of that story. Having never worked on the manufacturing side, he jumped at the chance to learn something new.

Fast forward 6 years, Rob Clear is a part of one of the fastest growing HME suppliers on the market. After the merger, Compass Health acquired ProBasics, Meridian, and grew our brand portfolio immensely. To this day, you can find products on the Compass Health website that are innovative and monumental in the HME industry.

It is rare to find a place to work that doesn’t always feel like work. Rob acknowledges that he is surrounded by some of the best people in the industry who have one thing in common. We never lose sight of putting the patient at the forefront of everything we do.

His passion for this industry has not changed, only his understanding of the challenges faced by each group involved. He loves being a part of state associations, industry groups, and lobbying efforts for this industry. The partnerships he has helped grow and develop over the years have meant more to him than just a job.

Robs answer for why he is a part of the HME industry is easy. “I do it for the patients, I do it for the providers, and I do it for my friends.”

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