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Coloplast and AAHomecare Host Free Webinar July 17: Negotiations in a Post Pandemic HME Industry


Presented by David Chandler, senior director of payer relations with AAHomecare, and Jason Morin, senior manager of payor relations for Coloplast, this free webinar will be held on July 17 at 1:00 pm Eastern.  The program is recommended for any HME professionals involved in the contracting process, market access, or leadership roles.

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  • The Payor Landscape
  • Contracting Best Practices
  • Telling The Story of the Value of HME
  • Negotiation: The Time is Now
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    Jason Morin
    Senior Manager of Payor Relations for Coloplast
    Jason is an HME industry veteran with extensive experience in the revenue cycle management, reimbursement & payor relations arenas. Jason has a passion for strategic leadership and advocacy work which fuels his work as Senior Manager of Payor Relations for Coloplast where he fights to increase access and sustainability for patients with intimate healthcare needs. Jason currently serves as Chair of the American Association for Homecare Payer Relations Council and serves on numerous industry, state & collegiate boards & advisory committees.
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    David Chandler
    Senior Director of Payer Relations
    David Bio: David Chandler is the Senior Director of Payer Relations for American Association for Homecare. David has worked to build relationships with payers across the country and assist HME providers in ensuring their patients have access to quality equipment and care. He continues to work with state and regional associations throughout the nation to find solutions and fight for regulatory and legislative change. David has worked in the HME industry since 2003, most recently with Liberty Medical Specialties as Director of Reimbursement and Government Affairs. He has considerable experience in sales, operations, reimbursement, payer, and government relations. Chandler’s service to the HME community also includes a term as President of the Atlantic Coast Medical Equipment Services Association. He served as Chairman of the Medicare Jurisdiction C Advisory Council and was a member of AAHomecare’s Regulatory Council and State Leaders Council. Chandler was elected to the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy/ DME Subcommittee in 2016.

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