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Nationwide Survey Shows Significant Cost Increases & Operational Challenges

Source: AAHomecare Insider 9/27/23


The American Association for Homecare’s HME/RT Council launched a nationwide survey this Fall to assess the cost increases for products, labor, and deliveries for oxygen equipment, CPAP devices, and hospital beds. Hundreds of HME providers participated in the survey, and the results show significantly increased expenses for the HME community that substantiate the need for sustainable reimbursement that factors in today’s market realities. 
Infographics with key survey data are available for the HME Industry to use in advocacy efforts as we work to build support for HR 5555 and S 1294. We also recently shared the findings with CMS officials as part of discussions on the market environment facing HME suppliers.

The infographics include information on cost increases for products, labor, and deliveries, challenges with backorders/delays, staffing shortages, the mounting pressure of supply chain, inflation, labor market, and challenges managing operational costs. 
Notably, a significant number of respondents are considering or actively planning to stop providing product categories due to cost pressures including:

  • 41% of providers of hospital beds
  • 1 in 3 providers of oxygen equipment
  • 1 in 5 providers of CPAP devices 

The survey results are clear – immediate action is needed to preserve HME access as suppliers are struggling to continue providing DME to meet their communities’ needs under outdated reimbursement rates.  Contact your Congressman and Senators today to tell your story, share these infographics, and request their co-sponsorship of S 1294 and HR 5555!

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