OAMES PAC, started in 2006, has been an active part of the association’s successful advocacy efforts on both the state and national level. It has 33 Founding Members and its purpose is to accept volunteer political contributions and expend those contributions to advance the interests of OAMES member organizations.

An OAMES PAC fundraiser is held annually as a separate event at the association's fall conference. 

If you would like to support the PAC , please use this PAC Contribution Form (PDF).  Personal checks and credit card payments are accepted (business contributions are not).

Thank you to everyone who is part of OAMES advocacy efforts throughout the year.  We appreciate the many volunteers who are reaching out to their legislators and educating them on the benefits of homecare/HME services.  The relationship you build with your elected officials is critical to protecting our interests and influencing public policy decisions vital to the HME community.   

We would like to recognize the PAC Board members who volunteer their time throughout the year directing this important advocacy work.  Those members are:

  • Kim Dabe – Dabe Medical Services
  • Hal Freehling – O.E. Meyer
  • Patrick Hanna – B&K Home Medical
  • Mario LaCute – Seeley Medical        
  • Johnny Miller – Miller’s Rental & Sales
  • Joe Petrolla- Seeley Medical (Chair)
  • Mark Witchey – Columbus Prescription Pharmacies
  • Ric Wren - WrenCare

Please consider making a contribution to OAMES PAC. Any size of contribution is welcome (not exceeding $5,000) and will make a difference. 

If you have any question regarding the association’s PAC activities, please contact OAMES executive director, Kam Yuricich at OAMES, kam@oames.org or 614-876-2424 or OAMES PAC Chair, Joe Petrolla at Seeley Medical, jpetrolla@seeleymedical.com or 440-293-6600.