Professional Development

Introduction to Mock Trial 

September 18, 2018

Location:  Supreme Court of Ohio  
Cost:          Members - $25;   Non-members - $70  
(Registration for this PD may be purchased separately or as an add-on to the Law and Citizenship Conference.)

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This professional development is perfect for teachers/advisors looking to bring Mock Trial to their high school or middle school, or for any current advisors needing a refresher course.  Students learn to think critically while building confidence and improving their public speaking skills.   

Attendees will:  

  • Learn the basics of Mock Trial  
  • How to organize a team   
  • Rules and structure   
  • How/when to register for the competition/showcase  
  • Basic court procedures and evidence  
  • Walk away with resources to help students succeed in Mock Trial (lesson plans, graphic organizers, etc.)  


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Constitution Camp

October 22-23, 2018 


Location:  OCLRE Office (1700 Lake Shore Dr., Columbus, OH 43204) 

Cost:    OCLRE members - $25 for 1 day,  $45 for 2 days;  Non-members $70 for 1 day, and  $130 for 2 days.  (Membership is $30 per person per academic year.)


Civics, government, and social studies teacher are invited to come to Constitution Camp!  Learn in-depth content and teaching strategies for important concepts you’ll be teaching in your government or social studies classes.  Once you get a grasp on the content, now bring it to your students using two different authentic assessment strategies: simulated legislative hearings and a moot court. 

 Attendees can expect to: 

  • Hear from content experts 
  • Get classroom-ready lessons & resources
  • Introduction to OCLRE programs such as Moot Court & We the People 


Not a member yet?  You can easily join while registering for any OCLRE program!


Advanced Mock Trial 

November 16, 2018 

Location:  OCLRE Office (1700 Lake Shore Dr., Columbus, OH 43204) 
Cost: Members - $25 Non-members - $70  
Registration form:  forthcoming
This professional development is for returning Mock Trial teachers/advisors who are looking for ways to challenge their teams and develop students' skills. This session will provide insight on how to engage students in the nuances of Mock Trial. The discussions and tools at this session aim to help teachers/advisors enhance student ability in categories such as:  
  • Cross-examining difficult witnesses 
  • Reading and responding to judges' preferences  
  • Using objections effectively  


Intro to Middle School Mock Trial 

December 6, 2018 

Location:  OCLRE Office (1700 Lake Shore Dr., Columbus, OH 43204)  

Cost: Members - $25 Non-members - $70  

Registration form: forthcoming 

This professional development introduces the Middle School Mock Trial program to teachers/advisors and prepares them to apply it to their classroom or community. Attendees will learn mock trial basics and strategies for implementing a literature-based legal case, such as methods for teaching a book alongside a case file. As with all OCLRE professional development meetings, teachers/advisors will walk away with resources and advice to apply in the classroom.   


If there is a strong interest in your school for a personalized professional development, OCLRE can provide one as with a minimum of five attendees, one of whom is an OCLRE member. For more information contact Ryan Suskey (rsuskey@oclre.org, 614-485-3506).


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