Professional Development

Constitution Camp

October 22-23, 2018 

Location:  OCLRE Office (1700 Lake Shore Dr., Columbus, OH 43204) 
Agenda:    Coming Soon 
Registration: Coming Soon 
Cost:    OCLRE members - $25 for 1 day,  $45 for 2 days;  Non-members $70 for 1 day, and  $130 for 2 days.  (Membership is $30 per person per academic year.)

Civics, government, and social studies teacher are invited to come to Constitution Camp!  Learn in-depth content and teaching strategies for important concepts you’ll be teaching in your government or social studies classes.  Once you get a grasp on the content, now bring it to your students using two different authentic assessment strategies: simulated legislative hearings and a moot court. 

 Attendees can expect to: 

  • Hear from content experts 
  • Get classroom-ready lessons & resources
  • Introduction to OCLRE programs such as Moot Court & We the People 

If there is a strong interest in your school for a personalized professional development, OCLRE can provide one as with a minimum of five attendees, one of whom is an OCLRE member. For more information contact Ryan Suskey (rsuskey@oclre.org, 614-485-3506).


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