Benefits of OLA Membership

Who are we?

We are a 501 (c) 6 non-profit organization with a membership of 350+ professionals involved in Ohio’s legislative and executive government process. Our members represent corporations, associations, non-profit organizations, labor organizations and public entities.

What is our mission?

Primarily, we seek to provide a vehicle for the discussion of public policy and professional issues, and for the dissemination of information regarding lobbying activities in the State of Ohio.

Additional information about our mission can be found here.

Why should I join?

The OLA several professional and social activities and events over the course of the year. Most are FREE to attend for current dues-paying OLA Members.

Some examples include:

  • Representation in the legislative process when bills impacting the our members are being debated

  • Our Annual Legislative Reception for members & staff of the General Assembly (February)

  • We host a Appreciation event for staff of the General Assembly to provide members a way to build relationships with them and say thank you for all their hard work.

  • Continuing education courses provided for the OLA Certification Program, which offers members a variety of learning opportunities with the goal of earning the Certified Lobbyist accreditation

  • Mentorship Program - An opportunity for seasoned lobbyists to mentor those new to the profession. New members may also sign up to be a “mentee.”

  • Speakers Bureau - we provide members the opportunity to educate the public (student groups, visitors to the Statehouse) on the organization and the role of lobbyists in the legislative process.

  • Membership Directory - Your photo and a description of your area of expertise is included in the OLA hard copy and online directory. The publication is distributed to all members of the General Assembly, all statewide elected officials, the Ohio Congressional delegation and all members of the OLA.

  • Softball team - We sponsor a Statehouse team each year, which members are invited to join.

  • Signature Series Luncheons, featuring key legislative leaders who provide insights and perspectives on important issues and policy decisions.

  • Additional events throughout the year coordinated to bring members together for fun, relaxation and networking.

  • Most importantly, the association provides members with the opportunity to network with and learn from friends and colleagues in the lobbying profession.

How much does it cost to join?

Annual dues are $200 per lobbyist for EACH of the first four (4) lobbyists from one organization. Fifth and subsequent members from one organization are $50 each. Dues are prorated based on when a new member joins. Membership follows the calendar year and expires on December 31 of the current year.

I want to join!  What do I do next?

Complete the >> Online Membership Application << today! 

Each new member applicant must have TWO current OLA members to sponsor their membership application.

Please contact Managing Director Sheila Fox at 614.363-1616 or with any questions you may have.