Check Image Exchange 3 Part On-Demand Session

If you work with check image exchange and need a deeper understanding, or if you are studying for the National Check Professional Certification (NCP), this 3 part course is intended for you. The instructor, Angie Smith, is one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the U.S. on this topic. This is a fast-paced and comprehensive workshop covering all of the material necessary to become a check professional. Real-life scenarios are provided to assist the participant in relating the training to daily tasks. With recent amendments to Regulation CC and Regulation J, and new indemnities in Regulation CC, there may be risk to institutions that are not current on these topics. This 3 part course is intended to cover all material necessary for the NCP exam, to address knowledge gaps in check payments and the related rules and regulations. If you have an intermediate to advanced background in checks and image exchange, this course will build on that knowledge and take you to the next level.

Each Part is 6 hours.

NCP/APRP Continuing Education Credits 17.9


554 - Check/Image Flashcards
567 - CheckPro™ (CD)
567OL - CheckPro™ (Online)
654 - Check Quick Reference Cards


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