Certification Preparation

555 - AAP Flashcards


The AAP Flashcards provide a hands-on study aid for those planning to take the AAP Exam. Highlighting the six areas of focus on the AAP Exam, this is a great self-study tool to help registrants prepare for the exam and earn their accreditation. Timeframes, SEC codes, participant responsibilities and most of the need-to-know information is covered in this set of approximately 250 cards. 


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555 E - AAP Flashcards


You can now access one of our most popular study aids virtually, making it easier to fit valuable study time into your busy schedule! No need to lug around bulky paper flashcards. Test and refine your knowledge anytime, anywhere you take your mobile device! This self-study tool includes six electronic flashcard "decks," each based on one of the six focus areas of the AAP exam. Choose to study one focus area at a time or all areas together. Enjoy all the features of traditional flashcards such as easily flipping through cards and tracking your progress but with additional functionality that allows you to rate your comfort level with topics and utilize spaced repetition to better reinforce your knowledge. Your electronic flashcard subscription provides you with six-months of full access to your study tool from any computer or mobile device.


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682 - AAP Publication Package

Save on Individual Items

The Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) designation distinguishes its bearers as members of an elite corps of payments system professionals. To assist you in preparing for the AAP examination, administered once in the fall each year, the following recommended texts are offered:

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AAP Special:

AAP Core Concepts: A Study Guide
AAP Flashcards
ACH Compliance Manual
ACHPro Online
ACH Product & Marketing Handbook
ACH Quick Reference Cards for Financial Institutions
ACH Rules Book Online
Desk Reference Card
Revised UCC4A and the ACH System

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540 E - ACH Corporate User Guide

Electronic Version

The purpose of the ACH Corporate User Guide is to help corporations/businesses establish and maintain a successful ACH origination program. The guide explains the preliminary requirements, fundamental operations and implementation concerns regarding specific ACH payment applications.



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529OL - ACHPro (Online)

ACHPro is a self-paced, computer-based training program developed to increase your knowledge of the ACH. ACHPro has been developed to promote knowledge of the ACH network. This tool can be used to evaluate your level of expertise of the ACH and related payment systems, and to identify those areas that may require additional development. ACHPro was designed to make learning fun. 



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629OL - RiskPro (Online)

RiskPro is a self-paced, computer-based training program developed to increase your knowledge of payments risk. RiskPro has been developed to promote knowledge of the risk that payments systems pose to the industry. RiskPro was designed to make learning fun.

Why Should You Purchase RiskPro?
Updated annually to reflect the latest changes in the payments landscape and the risks they pose, the program is valuable for payments professionals, risk professionals, and new employees alike. Challenge yourself and test your knowledge using RiskPro's game and scorekeeping features or use it to train others.

RiskPro Challenges your knowledge in two ways: Game Mode & Test Mode

RiskPro Game Mode is a fun, interactive program, which tests your skills in six competency areas:
• Payments Risk
• Fundamentals of Risk Management
• Risk Policy and Governance
• Risk Management and Controls
• Physical and Information Security
• Regulatory Environment

Organized around the game board, you can play the practice game - winning game money and getting coached along the way with feedback to your answers.

In the RiskPro Test Mode timed test, you will complete all the questions and receive a score rating your performance in each category. The test is all multiple-choice, and you will complete a ""blacken the dot"" form as you answer questions, just like in a real standardized test situation.

So whether you are looking to brush up on your payment systems skills or start a foundation that you can build upon, RiskPro is an essential tool for your professional development.



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553 - APRP Flashcards

If you are planning to take the APRP Exam, the APRP Flashcards will help you study like a pro! The six areas of focus for the APRP Exam-Fundamentals of Payments Risk Management, Payments Risk Management Controls, Payments Systems, Physical & Information Security, Regulatory Environment, and Payments Risk Policy & Governance-are covered in this set of approximately 200 cards. Risk management strategies, concepts, mitigation techniques and risk considerations for payment systems are just some of the topics covered in this great study resource.



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654 - Check Quick Reference Cards

These convenient, durable cards have had a total makeover. Keep relevant check/image information right at your fingertips, including all of the available X9 image standard return reason codes and the most commonly used Federal Reserve adjustment type descriptions and time frames. Also provides UCC information regarding the handling of lost cashier’s checks and stale/ post-dated checks.

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554 - Check/Image Flashcards

The newest set of check/image flashcards has been updated to reflect all Regulation CC amendments effective in 2018. Utilize the 250 cards as a hands-on, convenient study aide or to brush up on your check/image knowledge. Materials covered include: a general overview; laws and regulations; fraud and risk mitigation; operations; and products, standard and format information.

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567OL - CheckPro™ (Online)

Whether studying for the NCPC exam or keeping current with professional development, CheckPro™ is the tool that gets you where you are going. CheckPro™ has been specifically designed to help you master the changing check landscape and related payment systems. Covering 4 essential knowledge areas: Fraud and Risk, Operations, Products and Rules, Laws, and Regulations, CheckPro™ contains all the extra practice and information you need to be a successful Check Professional.

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403P - Returns & Adjustments Quick Reference Guide

When processing check payments, there are multiple ways to resolve check exceptions: Returns (Customer and Administrative), Rule 8 & Rule 9 Claims, Adjustments and Warranty Breach Claims. This guide will highlight the information needed to process these exceptions and how you can mitigate your risk of losses by performing tasks in a timely manner. Return codes and adjustments are provided in an easy-to-read chart that combines essential information from Accredited Standards Committee X9, ECCHO Operating Rules and Federal Reserve. Updated 2019 

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So You Think You Want To Become An NCP?


Have you thought about becoming a National Check Professional? By attending this session you will understand the value in becoming an NCP. We will show you what the exam consists of and what you need to do to prepare for the upcoming exam. It is not too early to start preparing for the exam which will be given later this spring. Attend this session and kick-start your preparation!

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