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Physicians and Nurses Continue Discussions on HB 216/SB 279

(March 1, 2016) OOA is one of nine physician organizations opposing HB 216/SB 279, but the physician organizations and nurses continue to seek common ground to modernize the nurses' practice act.  These bills, as originally drafted, expand the scope of practice for Advance Practice Nurses (APRNs), remove restrictions on their ability to prescribe addictive Schedule II drugs in all settings but retail clinics, and allow them to practice independently without physician collaboration. These bills are a significant departure from the current collaborative team-based model of care coordinated by a physician.

The OOA and other physician associations have repeatedly demonstrated our commitment to work with allied health professionals to improve Ohio’s delivery of health care. We worked with the physician assistants (PAs) in revising their scope of practice in recently enacted Senate Bill 110,  and we worked with the pharmacists to revise consult agreements in recently enacted House Bill 188.   We continue to stand ready to work with APRNs and the sponsor to find common ground, but we firmly believe that a team-based approach best serves Ohioans’ health care needs and that patients deserve the expertise and involvement of a physician in their care.

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