September 18, 2014

Northwest Columbus Clergy Cluster Gathering--Prs Jim Wilson & Elizabeth Clothier

Lord of Life Lutheran Church, 2480 W. Dublin-Granville Rd, Worthington

The program will be led by Jane Lane, an appointed member of the SOS Visioning Team. Summarizing the information she shared:

To date, the team’s role has been to develop a process for receiving information from which the Visioning Team will prepare a draft Vision Narrative for the Southern Ohio Synod. On behalf of the Synod Council, she is looking forward to joining us. They have requested 60-90 minutes (can you plan to finish by 10:15 that day?) to ask a series of questions prepared by members of the Visioning Team. A scribe appointed by the Vision Team (Pr. Craig Richter) will be with her to take thorough notes of all responses. These responses, without names attached, will be collated, processed, assembled and given to the Synod Council.

We are honored to host. Whether you've chosen to attend regularly or not, we hope most can be there to assist in this process.

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