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In the Southern Ohio Synod, we have 199 congregations dotted throughout the central and southern part of Ohio. Our congregations are small and large; urban, suburban and rural; old and new. Some are 200 years old and some just a few years old, but all are dedicated to serving our Lord and Savior Jesus and sharing his Good News with the communities in which they reside. Many of our congregations have or are forming alliances to be stronger and better together through the sharing of personnel and financial resources, and even bringing together their youth groups to provide lasting faith-based relationships that are so vital to our young people as they head out into a world that doesn't always support their beliefs.

They share their financial resources locally and globally through mission support and direct donations to Lutheran and other affiliates and partners.

Our congregations, regardless of where they may be in our territory, share one common faith and one goal, to join Jesus in the restoration of the world!