Youth Director-Part Time

Ascension, Columbus

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Position of Youth Director

This part time position would have the primary responsibility of working with and developing programs for youth group development and retention. The principle age group would be 6th grade through college, while also working with other youth and family groups of the church. The focus of the position is to develop a youth program that is enticing to children currently in Sunday school and also developing a program that is attractive to the youth of the neighborhood. The spiritual development aspect is to be guided by the pastor and in accordance with the ELCA teachings and guidelines. The ideal candidate will have an advanced degree focusing on youth and or family ministry and experience working with a church body.

            It is anticipated the youth director will develop relationships with the youth of the congregation and area through one on one meetings, family meetings, group activities and group outings. These relationships are integral to develop and working with the OWL’s  (Older Wiser Lutherans) will be a significant portion of relationship development.


  • The youth director is responsible for working in conjunction with the pastor to organize programming such as retreats and out-of-church activities for the church's youth group while building trusted relationships with the church's youth population. These activities must have a theological, liturgical or ethical foundation. The youth director will work with the OWL program (a mentoring program with older members of the congregation and the youth) and the Sunday School program in their roles in youth development. Ascension Lutheran Church has been developing an intergenerational ministry in which the youth director will play an integral role. The youth director will organize programs interesting to existing youth and enticing to the youth of the neighborhood and local schools.


  • Having a strong personal Christian faith and spiritual life is essential to this position, as well as experience in working with church youth. A youth director must have very strong communication and organization skills to form partnerships with the staff, church leadership and parents. Acting as a mentor to the church youth by showing empathy and sympathy to the emotional needs of the church's youth is integral.
  • Ability to teach and relate Christian life experiences to youth on a regular basis.
  • Able to work with the Outreach Committee of the church to promote events and to reach out to local schools and neighborhood youth.


Plan Youth Activities

  • The primary responsibility of a youth director is to manage the youth activities in the church. Depending on the specific needs of the church, this might include planning summer vacation Bible camps, coordinating youth ministry programs, organizing service projects and planning mission trips. The youth director is responsible for choosing programs that will suit the kids in the congregation and tailoring them to meet their unique needs and interests. In addition, the director must get youth interested and involved in the programs to ensure that they will be a success.

Spiritual Guidance

  • The youth director in a church provides spiritual guidance for the youth in the church. Although the direct ministry may be the responsibility of the pastor, the director will have some part in it. The director will lead Bible studies, teach some Sunday school classes and organize events that further the faith of young people in the congregation. The youth director is a spiritual resource for the youth of the church, responsible for providing counsel and advice when needed.