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Fitting the Pieces Together... Article About St. Paul, Dog Leg Road Published in The Lutheran

The following article was published in this month's issue of The Lutheran. The project and application can be replicated in any congregation for not a lot of money, and is sure to be meaningful and fun for all involved.

Fitting the pieces together

Confirmation students at St. Paul Lutheran on Dog Leg Road in Dayton, Ohio, began the school year by putting together a puzzle of their church. Kurt Lammi, pastor, ordered a puzzle of the photo he had taken and told the students "the life of the church involves all of us working together."


When the puzzle was complete, Lammi flipped it over between two pieces of poster board and used packing tape to hold it together. Then he framed it for his office wall, but not without keeping one piece out that hung separately.

The caption said, "This 'missing' piece represents everyone and everything that is not yet included in the life of the church but should be — and the hole in the larger puzzle shows that there is always room for them, always a place where they belong. It represents the people we haven't met yet, the ways of sharing the gospel we haven't explored yet, and the surprises God hasn't revealed to us yet .... Each piece plays a part in revealing a great picture of God's love. So may God continue to bring all of the pieces together."