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OWLs + Mailboxes + Young People = The Start of Something Wonderful

The morning of February 10, 2013 the youth of Ascension Lutheran Church in Columbus, were welcomed by some brightly colored mailboxes set up by the lead OWL (Older Wiser Lutheran) Oscar Sandy and two OWL helpers. The mailboxes shown below will be filled with notes for Valentine's Day, as well as other greetings and notes of inspiration throughout the coming year as part of Ascension Lutheran Church's renewed focus on the young people in their congregation.

Gary Pecuch, our synod's Youth and Family Ministry Director, has worked with the wonderful folks at Ascension on ways to make their young people feel loved, welcomed and wanted. One important element is the OWLs or Older Wiser Lutherans (members over 50 years of age). These members have valuable life experience to pass on and a faith tradition worth sharing and often are the only older person in the life of younger members, filling in gaps when grandparents aren't in town. If you want to learn more about OWLs and how to create an atmosphere of love and welcoming for your youth, please contact Gary Pecuch at or 614.464.3532 ext. 110.

Youth Mailboxes at Ascension Lutheran Columbus


 As Hope Boring, from Ascension wrote in her post on Facebook, this is "a wonderful God moment of connecting! We’re off and running!" Look for more stories about Ascension and other congregations in our synod as they launch new ways to welcome and keep their young people in their church homes.


Carla Becker on Monday 02/11/2013 at 02:52PM wrote:

What a great intergenerational idea. I love this.

April Grant on Wednesday 02/13/2013 at 05:51PM wrote:

Awesome! I think that the youth will enjoy this. I agree with Hope and Gary that the OWLS have a great deal of wisdom to share and pass on to our congregation of youth and young families. This is a great start.

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