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Hunger Huddle April 13 in New Philadelphia: Open to Anyone in Our Synod Interested in Hunger Ministry

Potlucks To End World Hunger is hosting our third Hunger Huddle!

It is set for Saturday, April 13th 2013, at Sharon Moravian Church (4776 Moravian Church Road SE, New Philadelphia, OH 44682) from 9a – 4p. We are scheduling resource persons both from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Moravian Church to give us an overview of the systemic issues related to hunger. We are scheduling a representative from the Lutheran Office of Advocacy to come and speak on the politics surrounding hunger and the national, state and local levels. We will be inviting leaders of hunger ministries and organizations in Northeast Ohio to address how the hunger efforts are working in this region.

This Hunger Huddle is for anyone interested in bringing an end to Hunger: clergy and lay persons, across all denominations and religious understandings, working in hunger areas or just have a passion, from Northeastern Ohio or anywhere in the world. This event will be an opportunity to network with others interested in hunger efforts. It will also give us a better understanding of how we might approach our efforts.

The cost for the Hunger Huddle will be $15, which includes lunch. Pre-registration is not required. Payment will be taken at day of the event. We are asking that you RSVP on the Hunger Huddle Event on our FaceBook page, if possible. Please contact Pr. Mike Poole if you have any questions. His office number is (740) 685-5616 and email is: .

Potlucks to End World Hunger is a grassroots movement formed in 2009 to assist in addressing hunger and hunger-related issues. Potlucks to End World Hunger takes a three-aspect approach to hunger: Awareness, Advocacy, and Action. We also call for engagement on three different areas of concern: local – typically through congregations; regionally – through Hunger Huddles; and nationally/global – through connection with wider-church organizations and ministries.

Potlucks to End World Hunger has a website: We also have a group page and an organization page on Facebook. I look forward to working with all of you to bring an end to world hunger. Please feel free to pass this information on to anyone that you think might be interested in working to end hunger.