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Portico Introduces Health Care Debit Card for 2014

If you have one or more health care tax-advantaged accounts through Portico Benefit Services, you’ll be able to access funds in those accounts more easily thanks to Portico’s rollout of the "smart" health care debit card for 2014.

Starting in January, members who have one or more of the following accounts — personal wellness account, health flexible spending account (FSA), health savings account (HSA) — will be able to use the SelectAccount debit card mailed to them in December to pay for eligible health care expenses quickly and easily — without waiting to be reimbursed.

SelectAccount is the affiliate of Blue Cross and Blue Shield administering tax-advantaged accounts offered by Portico Benefit Services.

If you have questions about using your new debit card, please contact SelectAccount at 866.772.8479 or visit using your SelectAccount ID number mailed to you in December by SelectAccount.

Please see the full story on the Portico Benefits website for more important details on the Health Care Debit Card before you start using it.

Portico Introduces Health Care Debit Card for 2014--Full Story