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Ohio Ministries Convocation to be Discontinued

It is with a sense of sadness that I want you to know that the Ohio Council of Churches will no longer hold the Ohio Ministries Convocation, a historic event that followed the Ohio Pastor’s Convocation started in 1920.

The decision to let this event go was affirmed at the March, 2014 Governing Board meeting. Through the years there have been incredible speakers and week-long events. In the past decade, attendance was dwindled and there has been lack of interest. The work put forth to organize such an event is great and time consuming, and attendance in the last few years, do not warrant its continuance. It was thought best to put the Convocation to rest on a good note and before any future budget constrictions occur.

The Ohio Ministries Convocation and its forerunner, the Ohio Pastors Convocation, will be remembered fondly by many who faithfully participated each year and made it a part of their lives.

Our thanks to you! Our hope is that we can follow this tradition with new and timely events that would bring together former OMC followers and many new people.