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Adaa E Learning Logo 01ADAA Members have one-click 24/7 access to all ADAA courses listed in the Course Catalog including the Anna Nelson webinar series, both live and as enduring material, at no additional cost, through the e-Learning Center. Log into your ADAA account. On the left side of the Profile screen, in the bottom green box, click "Access ADAA Learning Center". This is a direct link to the new learning center where you will have access to all e-learning content. Access to this material is a member benefit 

Non-Members have access to ADAA e-Learning content for an individual course fee and the Anna Nelson webinar series, as enduring material through a 12-month fee-based subscription.  Click on the 'Non-Member Purchase' tab to make your selections, initiate a purchase, and make payment.  Non-members will have access to their selected courses within 1-2 business days of their paid order submission.

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Member e-Learning Access

Adaa E Learning Logo 0110 Tips to Maximize your Educational Experience

  1. Easy Access.  Click the link below to log in and access the ADAA e-Learning center:

    Access the ADAA e-Learning Center

    You can also access the e-Learning Center through your Member Dashboard, see the explanation below.
  2. Access to all ADAA content.  Once in the e-Learning Center, members have access to all ADAA content including the Anna Nelson webinar series as enduring material.
  3. At Your Pace; On Your Schedule.  No more deadlines to complete coursework.  You determine what course or courses to take and complete them on your time. 
  4. Your e-Learning Experience.  The course content has been redesigned to provide a real online learning experience, provide interaction with the content to promote learning, and be more friendly for adult learners.  Even for those who do not consider themselves computer savvy, prompts will walk you through the course from start to completion.
  5. System Requirements.  Use a device of your choice: desktop, laptop, tablet, or cell phone, with a reliable internet connection.  It is highly recommended that Google be used as your Browser.
  6. Certificates of Completion.  As you finish each course you will have access to a Certificate of Completion.  
  7. CE History.  Each Friday, the ADAA staff will upload any course completions and their related CE to your record.  Once logged in, to the left of the Member Dashboard, click on 'View CE History' to review your CE total and list of completions.  CE does expire after three (3) years.  It does, however, remain viewable in your CE History.  
  8. Automatic CE Upload. For those attending and completing the required evaluation for an Anna Nelson webinar, ADAA staff will upload the earned CE after the deadline date for evaluations, directly to member accounts.  This CE will be viewable in your CE History.
  9. Print your CE Transcript.  Easily print your transcript by clicking the 'Print My Transcript' button in the top right corner.
  10. Stay in Good Standing. Members must pay their dues within 30-days of the expiration date.  After the 30-day grace period, the member will lose login access to the ADAA site and the e-Learning Center.  Once paid, login access to the ADAA site and the e-Learning Center will be restored.  

Navigating the e-Learning Center

Guide to Navigating the e-Learning Center  

 e-Learning FAQs

Navigating your Member Dashboard Page 

Once logged into your member dashboard, you have one-click access to many of the functions highlighted above.   

Member Dashboard


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Non-Member e-Learning Purchase

Non-Members may purchase ADAA courses for a fee. Course titles are organized by category. When the desired course is found, click on the title and Add to Cart. With the exception of the Anna Nelson Webinar Series (Enduring Material), course pricing is based on the number of credit hours associated with the course content. Pricing for a one (1) credit course is $40 with the price increasing incrementally for additional credit hours. Access to all Anna Nelson Webinars (Enduring Material) is through a 12-month subscription.

A purchase is considered complete when a credit card payment is made and the order is submitted.  Orders must be made online and only credit card payment is accepted; credit card information cannot be taken over the phone. Log-in credentials to the new e-Learning Center will be emailed to the purchaser within 1-2 business days.  Access to the e-Learning Center can be done through any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, cell phone) with a reliable internet connection.

Email Address. Please ensure the email address you enter when creating an account is correct. This email address will become your UserID and be used to track your course completions.

Cancellations and/or Refunds. Please check your order over carefully. Once your login credentials have been sent, we cannot cancel or refund your order.     

Access to Purchased Courses. Non-members have 90-day access to purchased courses.  Access will the last day of the 3rd month.  Example: A course was purchased on August 3. The last day to access and complete the course will be November 30.  If the course was purchased on August 30, the last day of access would be November 30.   

Access to Anna Nelson Webinar Series. Is now by annual subscription with access to 30+ recordings, for CE hours, for 12 months.  New recordings are added within 30 days of the live presentation.  Access will be on the last day of the 12th month.  Example:  A subscription purchased on August 3, 2022, will expire on August 31, 2023.        

Extensions. One 45-day extension can be requested, by emailing IN ADVANCE OF YOUR EXPIRATION DATE. No extensions are available for an Anna Nelson subscription.

Membership has its Privileges. A benefit of ADAA membership is 24/7, one-click access to ALL ADAA content.  At $135/yr for a professional membership, plus state dues, it's worth considering.

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Hazardous Materials

Infection Control

Intraoral Functions


Practice Management


Anna Nelson Webinar Series (Enduring Material)

Hazardous Materials

Infection Control

Intraoral Functions


Practice Management


Treatment of Diseases and Conditions