Annual Scientific Meeting & Workshops (ASMW) 2023

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Making the Connection: Hypnosis and Its Interplay with the Brain, Body, and Awareness


Neuroscience and research on hypnosis have advanced our understanding of brain activity changes associated with hypnosis. Evidence shows the effectiveness of clinical hypnosis in treating mental, emotional, interpersonal, and physical disorders.

The 2023 ASCH Annual Scientific Meeting and Workshops will provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the science and empirical research that subserves the effective practice of hypnosis and informs our clinical applications. Specific clinical content areas will include military-specific methods of serving our Veterans, trauma, pain management, dental and medical applications, integration of hypnosis and psychotherapy, altered states of consciousness, metaphysical phenomena, and spirituality.

Two Advanced Pre-Conference workshops, daily Plenary sessions, 30+ Advanced Workshops, and Symposium presentations are planned for ASMW 2023.

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  • CANCELLATION WITH FULL REFUND minus $50 ADMIN FEE: January 8, 2023. 
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Track Definitions: Abstract & Symposium Presentations

Topics will follow one or more of these areas: 


Sessions for this track will focus on clinically defined traumatized or post-traumatized patients and how hypnosis can aid in their recovery.


Sessions for this track will focus on hypnotic techniques that have been found to be helpful for this special population.

Pain Management

Sessions for this track will highlight how hypnosis can be used to mitigate the most common types of pain: acute, chronic, or neuropathic.   

Dental & Medical Application

Sessions for this track will focus on how hypnosis can put patients in a relaxed state to make them comfortable for routine medical and dental procedures as well as relief from behaviors related to anxiety that prompt unhealthy habits.

Integration of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

Sessions for this track will focus on using hypnotherapy, which is a modern and holistic approach to combining classical therapy with modern hypnosis.

Metaphysical & Spirituality

Sessions for this track will focus on constructs that address non-ordinary experiences that are of the metaphysical and spiritual world.