ASCH e-Poster Program

Review the 2021 ASCH-ERF e-Poster Program.  Simply click the link to view each poster. We suggest zooming in with your browser to facilitate reading some of the posters. 


List of Posters

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Kohlenberg - Domains of Learning in Standards of Training in Clinical Hypnosis

Dean - Active-Alert Hypnosis, Contrasted with Traditional Hypnosis

Stewart - From Mesmer to the Mind-Body Connection:  Where Hypnosis Meets Chiropractic

Bonney - The Effectiveness of Hypnosis on Weight Loss for Obesity

Williams - Electroencephalography, Neurophysiological Substrates, and Hypnosis

Copley - Can Hypnosis be the Saving Grace for Headache Sufferers?

Concepcion - The Use of Hypnosis as an Intervention for Burnout Syndrome Among Health Care Professionals

Garn - Hypnosis and Pelvic Pain

Gashi - Hypnotherapy for Women with Endometriosis - Waiting Painfully for Psychological Treatment

Hughart - Hypnotherapy for Women with Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Naahielna - Hypnosis and Substance Abuse - What is the Evidence?  

Nelson - Transcendental Meditation and Hypnosis

Terrell - Hypnosis & Relief for Renal Disease Based Anxiety

Wientjes - Hypnotic Suggestions for Wound Healing

Walcott - Hypometabolism in Hypnosis, Meditation, FL-REST, and Zombification:  Combinatorial Approaches